Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back in the days

A while ago I recieved a letter from a guy who purchased a almost 70 years old  Bauer suit in Seatlle,USA. He kindly asked if we had any records on the suit and fabric, so today I took the time to start digging in the files

Bauer skräddare

The trouble is that we have a lot of books and once I start reading I loose track of time and drift away .

Bauer skräddare

Just look at these fashion drawings from 1932 , showing the the right looks for the Fall.
I get so much inspiration from that period of time. Not only the sharp fit of the jackets but also the confidence and attitude.

Up till the the early 1960´s A.W.Bauer & Co and other tailors bought fabrics only twice a year , spring and fall. To keep track of the of fabrics in ( and out  ) of stock , a piece of every cloth was cut and glued  into a book .

 Every cloth got a number and  there was kept a record of which customers who ordered it and when .

Then there is books with the accounts . This one is dated 1880, from a time where handwriting seemed to be a full time profession and a piece of art in it self .

This is a 100 years old picture of the A.W.Bauer & Co tailor shop 
Visiting the shop today you will find that the clock on the wall,the picture ,the arm chairs and the table with the fabrics are still a part of the interior .

I managed to find the the records and measures of the previous owner of the suit, but ufortunaly I was not able to locate the files on the specific suit and fabric. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Candy store

Bauer skrädderi
The front shop is turning in to a candy store, all hand picked goods in tasty shapes and colours

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sweet combination

Bauer skrädderi
9ozs Merino wool flannel (Holland & Sherry ) , Buffel horn buttons 
Bauer skrädderi
Silk lining 
bauer tailors stockholm
Sweet combination and a lovely piece of work ready to hit the streets 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Letter from Seatlle

To whom it may concern,

I just came across an old suit of yours in a thrift store in Seattle, WA, USA. It is dated February 27, 1945 with the name G. Challis. The tag also has the number 3342. The material and craftsmanship are still in very good condition. The pants are much to long and baggy, although the waist fits nicely, the suit coat is very square with large shoulder pads. My plan is to have it tailored to fit. However, I first wanted to ask if there is anything more you could tell me about the suit and to let you know that almost 70 years later, your work is still looking sharp! 

Kindest Regards,

bauer tailors , stockholm

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wrap it up !

A W Bauer & Co

Work in progress

Bauer skräddare
Making the pattern
Bauer skräddare
Charking the cloth

Bauer Skräddare
The pieces are coming together 
Bauer skräddare
Bauer skräddare
First fitting 

Bauer Skräddare
Ripped apart, pressing the edges 
bauer skräddare
Ready for new chark lines
Bauer Skräddare
Placing the patch pocket 
Bauer Skräddare
Bauer Skräddare , martin ekolin
Shaping the pocket 
Bauer skrädderi
Basting the facing of the lapels 
Bauer skrädderi
Horsehair canvas shaped chest
Bauer skräddare
Basting the front edges 
hand stitching the edges
Hand stitching the edges 

bauer tailors
All lining is being hand stitched in the blazer 
bauer tailors
Soft shoulders , no padding 
bauer tailors
The Blazer is now ready for fitting no.2 

Riding with style

Bauer skräddare , ridfrck
Work in progress
Riding Tail coat
Bauer tailors riding coat

Riding coat
Malin Hamilton 


                                           Flannel Blazer, hand made at our workshop
a w bauer
Bauer tailors
Bauer tailors
Bauer Tailors
Bauer tailors 

Monday, November 5, 2012

All you need is Tweed


                                   Fool the wind, fight the rain  - All you need is tweed 

A hand made, full bespoke, Tweed blazer by Bauer tailors . 14oz pure wool from Porter & Harding . And while you´re at it, why not a pair of  made to order shoes from Gaziano & Girling and a  Rain man umbrella .

Plaza Oumo 2012

                          Photo shoot for Plaza Oumu september 2012 at the shop in stockholm

Photo : Morgan Norman