Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back in the days

A while ago I recieved a letter from a guy who purchased a almost 70 years old  Bauer suit in Seatlle,USA. He kindly asked if we had any records on the suit and fabric, so today I took the time to start digging in the files

Bauer skräddare

The trouble is that we have a lot of books and once I start reading I loose track of time and drift away .

Bauer skräddare

Just look at these fashion drawings from 1932 , showing the the right looks for the Fall.
I get so much inspiration from that period of time. Not only the sharp fit of the jackets but also the confidence and attitude.

Up till the the early 1960´s A.W.Bauer & Co and other tailors bought fabrics only twice a year , spring and fall. To keep track of the of fabrics in ( and out  ) of stock , a piece of every cloth was cut and glued  into a book .

 Every cloth got a number and  there was kept a record of which customers who ordered it and when .

Then there is books with the accounts . This one is dated 1880, from a time where handwriting seemed to be a full time profession and a piece of art in it self .

This is a 100 years old picture of the A.W.Bauer & Co tailor shop 
Visiting the shop today you will find that the clock on the wall,the picture ,the arm chairs and the table with the fabrics are still a part of the interior .

I managed to find the the records and measures of the previous owner of the suit, but ufortunaly I was not able to locate the files on the specific suit and fabric. 

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