Monday, November 19, 2012

Sweet combination

Bauer skrädderi
9ozs Merino wool flannel (Holland & Sherry ) , Buffel horn buttons 
Bauer skrädderi
Silk lining 
bauer tailors stockholm
Sweet combination and a lovely piece of work ready to hit the streets 


  1. Impressive, thanks for sharing!
    Isn't 9 oz for a flannel a little too light with regard to creases, falling of the cloth, durability etc.?

  2. 9 oz is definitely on the light side when it comes to classic flannel suits. In that category nothing can be sculptured and wears like a 14 oz "dry" flannel. The trouble is that most people find them to warm to wear.
    The idea and making of this paticular suit was based on a few specific requests from the customer.
    He wanted a smooth, easy worn suit with a charked check and a fresh look.
    The cloth is a very soft merino wool that melts around the shoulders but it is just heavy enough to get a nice fall. There is no padding in the shoulders and we stryved to keep that whole soft feel thoughout the making, aiming for the suit to become a second skin .
    We added the genuine horn buttons for the suit to conect well with brown suede shoes and threw in the vertical button hole on the lapel to get some attention from those who notice the details.
    To compensate for the lack of durability he ordered two pair of trousers .

  3. This is the best looking suit jacket i have ever seen in my entire life. If i ever become really wealthy... oh i would order until you ran out of fabric!